How to use Rebated Skirting

Monday, 17 July 2017  |  Admin



Rebated skirting, is the term used for skirting with a 'hidden' piece.

It's typically used in homes and offices, tidying up some of those annoying electrical cables that feed your television, phones and other electrical fixtures. Whether you need skirting as a matter of practical necessity or if you want it to be a statement of your interior design prowess, one reason to buy rebated skirting is to improve style and reduce clutter.

Tv & electrical cables encompass the home.

Cluttering the floors of homes, offices and public buildings up and down the country, causing a constant source of irritation (well, they annoy us!) So we're offering a simple, and stylish solution.

go clutter free with rebated skirting in all styles for diy at home

Try any of our skirting (We have tonnes of styles to choose from) and ask for rebated skirting. 

If you're wondering what rebated skirting is this short guide can help you decide whether you might want to purchase one of our rebated skirting styles.
Our highly trained machinists will carefully insert the rebate so that a precise groove is formed, with minimal imperfections and nicks.This process involves cutting a groove down the entire length of the reverse side of your skirting boards.

This can be done to MDF skirting, Oak skirting and all other timber varieties by creating a space that is perfect for housing electric cables or even small pipes. This option is available across all of our Skirting products for just £2, regardless of your required length and size. 

When making your order through our quick, simple and secure online system, all you have to do is click the rebate tick-box (take a look for yourself) that will appear alongside the size and finish options, we’ll do the rest. 

Enjoy your tidy and clutter-free home.