Picking The Right Profile

Tuesday, 25 April 2017  |  Admin

Skirting boards are an essential aspect to both the design and practicality of any home, office or public building, but with so much choice out there it can be difficult to decide what the best product to suit your need is.

Aside from choosing your material, the other big decision you will have to make is picking a profile. ‘Profile’ basically refers to the design and shape of the skirting board. People want different things, everybody has their own taste or are designing a room to suit a particular style.

Some of our customers want their skirting to be simple, clean and subtle so that it blends into the room almost unnoticed, performing more as a functional addition than anything else. Something like a Bullnose profile would be ideal for this as its simple, singular curved edge means that it could fit seamlessly into most situations. Chamfered skirting is also a popular choice as its subtle sloping face acts as a smooth transition from floor to wall.

Alternatively, for someone wanting a design that will stand out and be noticed we have slightly more complex and elaborate profiles such as the Edwardian or Tudor styles. Like the names suggest, some profiles have been around for years, standing the test of time with a constant demand in the industry for traditional style properties and furnishings.

Other popular choices include Ogee and Torus skirting, which are both classic styles that are regularly used and are often top sellers with us as well as other suppliers. Although there can be some variation in style, Ogee skirting is generally made up of a large curve sweeping up into a smaller curve at the top of the profile. Torus is somewhat more modern in design, with a largely flat surface headed by a rounded section. 

There are loads of different profiles to choose from in our range which would suit the need for either practicality or creativity.

Feel free to browse our range here: https://www.knowlesskirting.co.uk/skirting.html

We also have the capability to manufacture bespoke profiles, so if you can’t find one that you like then we can make something new to suit your style or match any existing skirting board profiles that may already be in place. Ultimately, everyone has different tastes and we will do our very best to satisfy every customer’s needs, no matter how outrageous!