Engineered Oak Products

Thursday, 28 June 2018  |  Admin

We have now released our most popular profile in Engineered Oak.

As oak is one of the toughest and most popular interior design option you can choose it’s a great addition to public sector refurbs as daily wear can decrease the life of other timbers.

Apart from being a strong hardwood and popular option, oak looks great because it comes in such a huge variety of colours and tones. Our engineered oak is a great alternative for anyone looking for a long-lasting alternative and needs a product that temperature and moisture fluctuations. 

Thanks to its special manufacturing, engineered wood products don’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood and MDF products.

Engineered Oak
How is engineered oak made?

Layers of Oak are bonded together to create a really strong core board, as the 3-layers are bonded, it gives way to flexibility in the wood. Our Oak is special in the fact that it’s topped off with solid oak, making the end result more uniform in appearance, just like solid wood.

Do you have a room that struggles with damp? Engineered Oak is a great way to defend your skirting from your skirting dampening-bowing or breaking. The likelihood is that solid wood simply won’t be an option for you in that situation.

The reason that solid wood flooring isn’t recommended where there are temperature and moisture fluctuations is because dampness and rises and falls in temperature cause wood to expand and contract.  While it is completely normal for wood to expand and contract, if it is forced to do so excessively because of its environment, it is at risk of damage. 

You can find it for just £20.79 Available in: 68mm; 95mm; 119mm; 145mm. (3600m Boards)