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We can supply the very best lacquered hardwood, hand-picked for its grain, to renovate and update your home to really feel like home.

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Macmillan Is E. & S. W. Knowles’ Charity Of Choice

Knowles has focused it’s fundraising on supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. As they give so much back to the many lives that are affected by cancer, including our staff and family and friends of our company over the years.

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Engineered Oak Products

Thanks to its special manufacturing, engineered wood products don’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood and MDF products.

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How to uninstall skirting board

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Five reasons to love DIY in 2018

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How to paint skirting boards

How to paint skirting boards
When recreating your room, giving your skirting board a quick coat of paint can be a quick style update to a dull room. A slight tint of colour on an old skirting board could completely change the overall style of your room.

Most skirting boards will require an oil-based or gloss finish due to their hard-wearing properties. Resist the urge to paint them using any kind of flat emulsion or else you will find they will easily mark and get dirty much quicker. If you’d like a subtler finish, then consider a satin-based paint instead.

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Reasons to buy skirting to finish your homes style

There are several different things to take into account when considering updating your home. Including, underlay and cutting the floor to fit around certain obstacles such as wires, pipes and lumps within uneven floor panels. The most important step when considering planning a new room is considering what the finished product will look like.

What type of products do you think you would need to use to create the finish you're after? How long do you have to recreate the room?

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What is MDF? How do we use it?

Pretty much everyone will have heard of MDF. Whether you’re in the building trade or if you’re a fishmonger.

MDF is something that is a staple of modern-day interiors and there’s a high chance that something somewhere in your home will be made out of it. But do people know what it actually is?

If you don’t, then you might want to read on…

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How do you clean skirting boards?

If you're in need of a better solution to cleaning your skirting boards. This guide explains the best practices for home and industrial cleaning of skirting boards.

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