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Architrave is used to conceal the unsightly joints between the door and the wall, where there can be small gaps or uneven edges to plasterboard. It can also be used purely as a design feature. We supply MDF architrave as well as a range of solid wood architrave including Oak, Pine, Ash, Beech, and Sapele.

Frame your home or business with a style that represents you.

Choose from one of our many profiles in our profiles brochure or browse our standard profiles below.  If you are matching existing architrave, we can create bespoke designs to suit your needs. Any style of architrave can be paired with matching skirting, so for the best results please browse our range of skirting board products as well.

Struggling to find the skirting board you're looking for?

We don't bite - Contact our friendly sales team for details on our bespoke and standard products. Please note our skirting and architrave profile heights are fixed and do not change with the height of products.


The right choice for skirting board is here.

Made to measure, primed and ready for painting and delivered straight to your door.

There are no 'one size fit's all' options for skirting board, it should be (and really, it is)
a personal choice suited to your personal style.

At E & S W Knowles, you can choose from a huge range of over 30 standard designs,
 and create bespoke designs with the help of our advisors. Found the style you love?

You can have it manufactured to your height, thickness and finish of choice.

We Do More

As manufacturers of bespoke items, we're able to create items exactly to the specification you require. 

So why settle for 'shop bought' when you can have a custom-made skirting board profile, floor threshold, window board or even shelving. 

Get it manufactured from 5 days.

Speak to an advisor today 0845 8387 414